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About  A.Grajales

Hi my name is Andres Felipe Grajales Salas, I am 26 years old I born in Bogota - Colombia. I am a appasionate person who likes to learn things constantly and face new challenges, one of my hobbies is to take pictures, traveling with my camera.

I began my studies in the field of visual arts in 2011 at the University Foundation of the Area Andina, as a requirement of the degree should have university practices which made in Autobotika VFX Studio for 7 months in 2014, as a second requirement I had to learn a second language so I decided to travel to Los Angeles, California to study English at Kings Los Angeles, and then Lenguage Systems International, simultaneously I enter at Gnomon- Visual Effects School (LA), where I deepened my studies in rotoscoping, advanced composition, matte painting, digital sets, HD digital film making, which was an extraordinary experience, in addition to learning new cultures, languages, and reinforcing knowledge I had the opportunity to meet people from the area of  vfx whom made me participate in several audiovisual projects (Short Films ) I supervised  and post-production of the same; I finally finished my studies in Los Angeles in October 2015, as soon as I returned to Colombia I obtained my university degree as a Technologist in animation and audiovisual post-production at  Mompozt I had the pleasure of work for around 2 years at the beginning of 2016, in addition to the participation in several short film projects throughout these years  for some countries like  Portugal, Chile, United States and Colombia, time in the which also took more seriously the photography at Zona Cinco.